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This page is dedicated to World Geography students.  Below are dates of quizzes, tests, and homework.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page and find helpful tools for World Geography classes.

Friday, September 3rd:
  Asia Map Test is this day.  Check out the I Like To Learn website to help prepare for this test. 

Thursday, September 2nd:  Islam Quiz is this day.

Tuesday, August 31st:  Christianity Quiz is this day.

Tuesday, August 24th:  Quiz over Buddhism, Hinduism, and 3 Chinese religions

Thursday, August 19th:  World Religion Coloring and Questionnaire Homework due.

Monday, August 16th:  Culture Power Point Presentation Quiz.

Wednesday, August 11th:  Color Asia Map is due.

Tuesday, August 10th: 
Quiz over Asia Power Point Notes taken from class is tomorrow, Wednesday, August 11th.

World Geography Syllabus:

Course Description:  

World Geography A> Will examine map skills focusing on the tools geographers use to illustrate, analyze and examine aspects of our planet. We will also look at how human activities effect the environment and adaptations we must utilize to exist on the planet.

World Geography B> Will examine cultural Geography. This will include many issues facing man kind as our world around us continues to change and become more globalized. We will also analyze how the growing world population will impact all our lives.


Come to this Class prepared:  Never come to this class empty handed****

1> a writing utensil     2> Colored pencil set for map work  

3> Geography Alive Text book  and the MOST IMPORTANT >>>>


The Binder is very important: .  Your binder will be where you organize all the information needed for studying for test. It’s organization is essential to passing this class.  The binder will be divided into the Units we will examine for this class. Which means the binder should not contain other classes information.  

The Notebook will contain:

A> Daily ESSENTIAL QUESTION: will be on the board or screen daily. This question will get you thinking about the day’s topic, or a review of a previous main idea.  These will be kept in the Essential Question section of your binder, which I will take up on a regular basis to check.  

B>NOTES: You will put three different types of notes into your Binder:

1> Power Point Lecture notes:  You must keep up with the lecture notes; they mandatory for studying for unit test. 2>Reading Questionnaires notes: which you will find using your Geography Alive textbook.  3> Video Guide questionnaires  .

C>MAP REVIEWS:  you will also have map tests.  In order to be prepared for theses test, you must keep and continually reviewing your Map review sheets.

Grading Criteria:

Points will be accumulated throughout the semester. The points will be divided up into a variety of different assessment activities.  The following will give a brief description regarding how points will be earned.

1. Unit Test and Map Test:  The Unit Tests will be a combination of multiple choice, matching, True-False, Identification, and ACT style reading questions.  These will be announced in advance, and will be worth 100-150 pts each.  There will also be map tests throughout the semester unit. 

2.  Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given over readings, power points and Videos.  They may or may not be announced.   16-32pts each

3. Essential questions and Homework> Essential questions are easy points, all you have to do is write them down and do your best to answer them. You ALWAYS have homework. Study your maps, notes, and review sheets for test. WRITE DOWN your homework assignments!  Forgetting is not an excuse.  Homework is what hurts many students grades due to ZEROS. 20pts

4.      Video Guide Quiz> You will often have questions over Media visuals. READ your Questions BEFORE the media begins so you will know what to look for.   

5. Participation Grade:  This class requires you to be active in our discussions and activities we have in class.  Participation is also reflected in appropriate behavior and preparedness.  If you are in class with a positive attitude giving 100% of your best effort, and being respectful to Mr. Moore and your fellow students, you will be assured to receive full points for this portion.  If you are on the borderline at the end of the semester, your participation points can make the difference in a letter grade.  When you get referrals and hallway conferences to address incorrect behavior, points will be deducted.   You begin with this semester with 50Pts.

6. Comprehensive Final Exam:

Students will take a Final Exam worth 20% of your grade, it is comprehensive and will cover main points through out the semester.  YOU MUST keep your notebook organized to prepare for these.  

7. Extra Credit: >Test Review sheets are worth 12-15pts extra credit when turned in on the day of the test.  (this could be the difference in doing great and not so good) Also of your 5 bathroom passes > Any unused Bathroom passes are worth 10pts each at the END of the semester added to your participation grade.


Come to class with a goal to learn!  Be MOTIVATED!  This is your first year on the road to graduating from ACHS; start out on the right track by coming to class determined to take school seriously and do what must be done to succeed.  Listen to what is being said, ask questions, Take the lecture notes, do ALL assignments.  You must study for test, and to do so you MUST keep your binder organized; you can’t do the review if you don’t have the information organized. 

Finally:   I do not fail you; I record your scores; You fail yourself by not doing the work required.  You Will Not be passed to the next grade level because you are Cute, I like you, feel sorry for you, or because your parents will be mad if you fail…  you pass because you’ve earned it.  High school is more than just what we teach you. It is a process of turning you from a juvenile into a young adult. This requires that you become disciplined and become responsible. You will only remember around 10% of what you learn in this class, but you will have also learned much more than academic stuff, You’ll learn to do work when you don’t feel like it, or when the work seems stupid. You’ll be able to work with someone who you don’t like, and take orders from a teacher you might not like.. but you will push yourself to do it because you have the goal of walking across that stage in Frankfort to get your diploma in 4 years.  It is that same mental strength you will need to do your job, earn a living, pay bills and support a family or yourself in the real world.  Life is tough. This is where you begin; right here.. today.  YOU CAN DO IT!
Behavior Syllabus: 

ENTERING THE CLASSROOM: Your frame of mind upon entering the classroom will effect your success for the class. 

Upon Entering the room, the student will pick up any handouts (located on the small table beside the door), and go to their appropriate assigned seat

( If you are not in YOUR seat, you are tardy).   Students will then write down the Essential Question of the day “located on the right hand side of the board”, in their Bi-weekly ESSENTIAL QUESTION section of their notebook, and answer it to the best ability. We will discuss these, so not having an answer to write is not an excuse. 


Students who are not in the room by the LAST class change bell will receive a Tardy referral.  If the tardiness is longer than 10 minutes into the class period, it is considered skipping .  (1st block; if you are tardy, go to office for tardy slip)  (3rd block You have 5 minutes to get back from lunch) IF you are with a teacher, please make sure you have them write you an excuse note.


Students are expected to bring all needed materials to class. These consist of: Your 3 Ring Binder, Pen or Pencil, and TEXT book if one is issued.  I am not your pencil supply, So DO NOT TAKE MY PENCILS.  If you are missing paper or pencil, ask your neighbor before class begins.  DO NOT COME TO MY CLASS EMPTY HANDED> it is your responsibility to keep up with your materials. Don’t sit there and half way through the class tell me you don’t have a pencil. If you come ill prepared, you will be sent to your locker to get your materials at the expense of losing a bathroom pass. If the situation persist, a phone call home to discuss student responsibility will be made.


Leaving the classroom to use the restroom is for emergencies only. Class breaks are when bathroom use should occur.  Only ONE student at a time will be issued the green clipboard to leave the room.  Quietly get the green clipboard (on nail by door) fill it out by printing your FULL NAME, Block, TIME AND DATE, and bring the clipboard to me to sign.  If you are caught being somewhere other than where you are supposed to be, you will lose the bathroom privilege for the remainder of the semester.  If you are caught smoking, you will lose the bathroom privilege, and face other disciplinary action.  Different colored clipboards are used in areas of the school.


You are given 5 bathroom passes per semester to be kept track by Mr. Moore.     Once you have used all five, you may NOT go to the bathroom anymore during class without an explanation from a parent or Doctor. ****Any unused BR passes are worth 10 points each extra credit on your final participation point grade. (these are invaluable for raising your grade at the end of the semester!)


Students are expected to keep up with assignments. Keeping a Planner is an excellent way to never miss an assignment.  Getting into a habit of writing down assignments will greatly reduce 0’s for unfinished or forgotten work.   Upcoming test will always be announced at least three days in advance.  ( main activities for the day are located on the Organizer calendar)



Absences destroy your ability to keep up with the class.  Most students who fail have missed more than 10 days.  You can’t pass if your not here!

If you have been absent, check for missed Lecture Notes, worksheets, or Test.  It is up to YOU to make this work up within THREE working days of returning to class.   Lecture notes must be obtained from another student**.   IF YOU MISSED A TEST, IT MUST BE MADE UP WITHIN FIVE DAYS. A 0% WILL BE PUT IN THE GRADE BOOK UNTIL IT IS MADE UP. (kills your GPA) remember, it’s up to you to make up work


I generally do not accept late work.  Becoming a responsible adult demands that work be completed when it is due.  Homework is due at the beginning of class, after I take it up, it is late. NO COPYING OF HOMEWORK WILL BE TOLERATED> Both students will receive 0s. Assignments brought in late will be worth HALF credit. If there are extenuating circumstances that are acceptable, an extra day may be given.

LECTURE/VIDEO/PRESENTATION BEHAVIOR When I am teaching or another student has the floor, students are expected to pay attention and not talk.  If there is a question, raise your hand.  Pay attention to Power points and videos. They are part of the learning process.    

Class NO No’s> Sleeping is NOT ALLOWED.. When a video is playing, it is not nap time , doing other classes work is only Permitted when all MY Work is complete.

ALL electronic devices will be confiscated if you are caught using in class.   Due to this: ALL PURSES ARE TO STAY UNDER YOUR DESK LADIES (See ACHS Rules handbook) *****


Work will continue, until Mr. Moore gives other directions.  As class is coming to an end, the following sequence will take place.  

1>  make sure you have YOUR Text book, 2 > REARRANGE DESK IF THEY HAVE BEEN MOVED 3 > PICK UP drink bottles, paper and food wrappers around your desk, Students will remain in their seats.  THERE IS NO STANDING BESIDE THE DOOR.    4.>  Exit the room

CLASS SIGNAL When MY hand goes up…. All talking is to cease AND> YOUR HAND IS TO GO UP, and all eyes are to be upon me.   This is to obtain your attention for directions, hear announcements, or give me the chance to give vital instructions in case of a drill or dangerous situation. TEST AND QUIZES PREPARATION: CHEATING AND PLAGARISM

During test, all books will be on the floor under your desk with all papers inside.  There is no talking, or looking at your neighbor’s paper.  Any cheating, will result in a zero on the test, a trip to Mrs. Wells Office, and a phone call home. (SEE RULES)

OFF LIMITS: >Mr. Moore’s area behind the desk is off limits to students unless otherwise given permission > Other students personal belongings, along with: my computer, TV, VCR, DVD, and cabinets

Additional Tools for World Geography

I Like 2 Learn is a website with fun quizzes to help students become familiar with maps of the world.  I Like 2 Learn is suggested to use to help students in my class prepare for quizzes and tests over maps of the world. 

ACHS Website  Find information regarding ACHS.

Parent Portal.  Find information on the Parent Portal regarding your child's schedule, grades, and attendance.  You must have a username and password to access the Parent Portal.  Contact Central Office at 502-839-3406 for more information.